This change diversifies IESS’s product portfolio as a Photography and Artistic organization which will help leverage future growth opportunities within the leisure and tourism industry. Our photographic, artistic and retail team will provide your guests with a unique entertainment experience plus a quality souvenir at an affordable price. IESS provides photographic and artistic services in theme parks, zoos, and fairs.

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Meet Our Executives

Amy Labrecque


Amy became CEO of IESS in 2013. Throughout, she has exuded a vibrancy and enthusiasm for IESS’s mission, vision, and products. Because of her operational acumen, she provides a wealth of insight and expertise to our Board of Directors.

As owner, she is involved in every aspect of the business. Passionate about the operational side of the business, Amy believes that training, follow-up and execution of IESS’s core principles are essential to the overall success of the company.

Working closely to support the SVP of Strategy and Business Development initiatives, Amy focuses on maintaining relationships with the onsite operations teams and existing clients.

Like most in our industry, Amy started working in the industry at a very young age. At the age of 15, she was a photographer at “wet process” Pair-A-Scope (IESS previous name) operation at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 1990. While pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree at Cal State Northridge, Amy continued to work full-time and became an Assistant Manager at Magic Mountain in 1997, the year of IESS transition to the all-digital platform and the rebranding as Images Everywhere!

With the advent of IESS 3rd party operator role for Kodak at Universal Studios Hollywood, Amy assumed responsibility for both Southern California locations. She oversaw record setting performances of $.60 cents per capita at Magic Mountain and $.35 cents per capita at Universal Studios.

Amy became National Director of Operations in 2002, shortly before the start of IESS’s consulting relationship with Six Flags. Thereafter, she assumed responsibility for all park and fair time operations, as well as the Kemah Boardwalk. In 2006, Amy spearheaded IESS’s migration into the Zoo Industry with operations in San Francisco, LA, Phoenix, and Houston. The fair operations also significantly expanded during this time.  In 2010, Amy was named COO.

Milton Johnson

Milton Johnson

District Manager & General Manager, Houston Zoo

In addition to managing the Houston Zoo, Milton oversees multiple I.E.S.S properties as a District Manager.

Milton joined I.E.S.S. in April 1998 as a photographer at Six Flags Magic Mountain. There after he served on the management team at Hurricane Harbor Waterpark. Over an 8-year period Milton assisted as a traveling supervisor at many of our Six Flags properties on behalf of I.E.S.S.

He served as Assistant Manager at the Kemah Boardwalk in 2010, then becoming General Manager a year later. Because of his operational acumen, Milton was given multi-property responsibilities in 2016.

Milton enjoys working with young team members to help them form valuable work and life skills. What he loves about his job is creating memories instantly for our guests.

We are supportive, objective, accountable and responsive to our clients, our staff and our guests.

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